Action! Big BONUS PLAN for 9APPS!

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GOOD NEWS! Biggest BONUS PLAN  for 9APPS in this year IS COMING!

It's a good chance to make big profit, welcome to join and contact your Account Manager now.

Period: 11 January-25 January

The more installs you bring to 9apps, the more bonus you can get!


1.Any qualified publisher.

2.Please contact your AM to join bonus plan,the application is very simple, but this bonus plan is for those who don’t have a special scheme at this period, please communicate with your AM to discuss further.

Key Rules

1. Bonus Plan Introduction

OfferCountryFinal CPI
IndiaUSD 0.12
Daily Install above 300
USD 0.15
Daily Install above 500

In this bonus plan, we only count the data of 9apps in India. Daily volume commit to 300 then we pay for 0.12/install. Daily volume commit to 500 then we pay for 0.15/install. By date, which day reach it, the day’s whole volume apply new price setting.

Daily Earning= Daily Install * CPI


(1) Install will be calculated as the whole account;

(2) Bonus will be calculated from the date your application for Bonus plan is confirmed.

(3) Bonus will be calculated by each day but not daily average;

(4) Cheating and severe low quality install will be excluded. If there is severe low quality and cheating on that day, here will be no bonus on this day.


During this bonus plan (12th January to 25th January), If you promote 9APPS(IN)-APK

&9APPS(IN)-APK DDL offer, your install in India on 2019.1.12 is 1000,your daily earning is 1000*$0.15=$150.

Bonus settlement

Bonus Payment: The bonus will be paid together with your earnings in February.

Final Result: Your total bonus will be announced after this activity

Contact: If you have any questions, please feel free to contact your account manager at UC Union.


If any fraud or cheating behavior is found, UC Union will make corresponding deduction from your bonus. All rights are reserved by UC Union.

Please contact your Account Manager for more details!



We welcome your questions and feedback. Please contact us at or visit our Support Page.