UC Union provides the following payment options: Paypal, bank transfer, and Webmoney.

Payment FormCurrencyMinimum PayoutMaximum Payout

Bank Transfer *Recommend~

*company partners should choose this payment form

US Dollar$100


Bank Transfer *Recommend~

INR ( Indian Rupee )$10 unlimited
WebmoneyUS Dollar$10 $800
Payoneer US Dollar$10 $800
Paypal*suspendedUS Dollar$10 $100

Minimum Payout

$10 USD for Webmoney and Payoneer, $10 USD for bank transfer in India, $100 USD for bank transfer in other countries.

*Don’t worry if you could not reach minimum payout for one month, it will be rolled over to your earning in the following month.

Billing cycle

From 26th every Calendar month to 25th of the following Calendar month.
For example: Installations recorded from Feb 26th to March 25th would be counted as performance in March. Change your payment account before 25th each month if necessary, because modification after 25th will possibly result in payment failure.

Delivery Time

It takes about 15 working days (statutory holidays and weekends is not included) for the payment delivery.


Click the Correction in the Payment Messsage to get the details of the correction amount


*Due to objective reasons, the following countries or regions unable to pay the amount. Sorry for any inconveniences.

Cuba/Iran/North Korea/SudanSouth SudanSyria/Latvia

*Due to objective reasons, the following countries or regions have potentially risky payments or payment delay. Sorry for any inconveniences.

Belarus/Congo /Cote d'Ivoire /Iraq/Lebanon /Liberia/Libya/Myanmar /Burma/Western Balkans /Zimbabwe

* Due to objective reason, the following countries only bank transferred available: China


*In order to deliver the payment successfully, please make sure your account information is completely correct, especially your online payment account.

*Please note that between 26th this month and 15th next month, you cannot change any payment details under your account.

*Cheating behavior will lead to payment delay, which means payment for partners with cheating behavior would be more than 15 working days.


Term of Payment, please click HERE

More questions of payment, please click HERE.