UC UNION is dedicated to global traffic monetization, free traffic exchange and app promotion.

It is the Global Traffic & Monetization Platform by Alibaba Mobile Business Group.

[Cooperation Process]

As following, there are several stpes for how to cooperate by UC Union System

STEP 1Get UC UNION Account
STEP 2Submit Application/Site
STEP 3Add Pub
STEP 4Start Promotion
STEP 5Check Statistics NEW~
STEP 6Get Traffic/Payment

 STEP1      GET UC UNION ACCOUNT                                                                  

1. Please click 【Sign up】 by www.uc-union.com 

2. Please fill in the relative information. 

Don't forget to fill in your friend's UNION Account by 【Referrer(Username)】 to get BONUS, If you are the referred by your friend.

More Detail, please visit here: Refer Bonus Plan

 STEP 2   SUBMIT APPLICATION/SITE                                                                                          TOP↑

1.Log in UC Union, and go to Management tab. Click Submit Application/Sites button.

2. Please choose the Promotion Type (Game/Application/Site), and fill in the relative information.

3. Please move to Management>Submit App/Site Info

 STEP 3    ADD PUB                                                                                                                              TOP↑                                                                                                  

1. Please move to Management → Submit App/Site Info.

2. Choose a cooperation mode and follow our steps to complete the submission.


1. After submit, UC Union will approve or reject your submit within 3 working days.
2. After your sites or apps is audited, you will receive an email regarding the audit details.
3. GET MONEY!!! Please fill in payment info and personal info as soon as possible. Please Click here: Payment Account.
4. It is avaiable to check the data of all added/pending/rejected sites separately in Management tab.

 STEP 4   START PROMOTION                                                                                                                 TOP↑


Please move to thManagement tab. Click the Campaign List button.

Click Campaign List button, notice as following

1.Recommend Campaign - we recommend the HOT campaign for you
2.All Camoaign - You can find all campaigns.
3.It is available to search by caregory/country/product name.

Click Promotion it to find detail information of the choosing campaign. 

1. You Promotion Link - Please copy the promotion link

2. Creatives - Please download the promotion materials in different language

3. Attention!!! Please read CAMPAIGN DETAIL carefully, there are some requitments by advertisers, such as quality Monitoring, adult or incent traffic.etc..

2. PROMOTION CODE                                                                                                                                                                                      TOP↑

Please move to thManagement tab. Click the Pub List  Promotion Code button.

2.1 To get UC Union Ad Code or SDK, please Click Copy code button to copy the code.

2.2 FOR Appwall cooperation partner, to get JS Code, please Click Copy code button to copy the code.

2.3 FOR Appwall cooperation partner, to get appwall link, Click Copy link button to copy the code.

2.4 FOR UC Union SDK cooperation, Please contact your account manager

 STEP 5   CHECK STATISTICS                                                                                                              TOP↑

Please log in www.uc-union.com, click REPORT to check the statistics

5.1 There are five statistics types of data report. To check each Cooperation Type, pleace choose the relative info.

*UC Union provides a reliable system for data statistics and easy-to-use interface for performance reports.

5.2 To check [OPTIONS], to choose the each relative info.

5.3 Please click [SHOW] to check the data chart.

5.4 If you want to export the data, please click [EXPORT].

 STEP 6    GET TRAFFIC / PAYMENT                                                                                                                TOP↑

Traffic Exchange

UC Union helps you reach a large amount of global and highly targeted users from UC Browser, 9Apps, 9games, UC Union App Walls and other partners of UC Union.

More detail, please contact your account manager.

Cash Cooperation

6.1 Fill in payment info

Please log in www.uc-union.com,  click Account Setting to fill in Payment Account information.

Attention!!! Please read TERM OF PAYMENT carefully first.

6.2 Payment Message

Please log in www.uc-union.com,  click Payment Message to check account earnings for each month and payment status.